Forest paths and nature discovery trails

For us, our slogan “shaping nature experience” is more than just an advertising message. It describes our motivation to create near-natural forest experiences with an unforgettable factor. Forest bathing is trendy, but a walk alone no longer lures children away from their smartphones or TV. This requires real experiences and wild adventures that offer exciting motifs that can be shared on social media.

Based on our extensive, global experience, we also develop an individual concept for your project with a regional, historical or natural history reference. Themed worlds from film and fantasy can also be realized. Our focus is on intelligent interaction at stations that challenge your visitors by promoting their sense of balance, testing climbing skills, addressing the sense of touch or imparting knowledge.

Natural, regional types of wood such as robinia and larch, from which the elements are constructed, ensure a coherent overall experience. We do not use concrete foundations but instead use flexible screw foundations that can be removed again sustainably and without the use of heavy machinery.

Regardless of whether you want to realize your own idea or need us as a creative partner, we offer you worldwide tried and tested, personal implementation, reliable and from a single source. Regardless of whether you want to realize your own idea or need us as a creative partner, we offer you worldwide tried and tested, personal implementation, reliable and from a single source.


  • Signs and lanterns
  • Playhouses and tree houses
  • Viewing platforms and towers
  • Balance Station Mohawk Walk
  • Pavillon
  • ... and much, much more

Cambium GmbH...

..bietet Produkte an, die sich durch naturnahe Optik in die natürliche Umgebung einfügen.
..setzt auf Qualität und Nachhaltigkeit in Material und Umsetzung.
..arbeitet mit einer baumschonenden Anschlagstechnik.
..montiert waldschonend ohne schwere Baumaschinen oder Hebebühnen und schützt den lebendigen Wald.
..bietet verschiedene Sicherungssysteme an, bis zum Continous Belay System ist alles dabei.
..bietet bis in die kleinste Komponente durchdachte Anlagen.

Forest paths and nature discovery trails


Cambimbium advantages


Signs and lanterns
Signs with a natural look made of robinia or larch, individually adapted to your topic. Precisely milled with our portal CNC milling machine, even detailed maps can be implemented. On cloudy days, our intelligently controlled lighting in the style of a medieval lantern puts your trail, path or park in the right mood.

Playhouses and tree houses
Playhouses and tree houses
Small and cozy, promoting the role play instinct is what we achieve with our cheerful playhouses, which are ideal as a projection surface for your individual motto. As with all of our modules, we also consistently use local types of wood such as larch and robinia.

Viewing platforms and towers

The classic in a new look. Our viewing platform is unique and can be easily mounted on the tree, as it does not require any foundations. We erect larger structures with the help of screw foundations and robinia trunks, which enable individually designed platforms in almost any shape and size.


Balance Station Mohawk Walk

We copied the module form nature, which is popular in the team training area. Visitors love the challenge of crossing a stream or ditch without touching the ground. Ropes stretched between the tree trunks or mounted parts of wood serve as handrails and ensure the necessary security.


Wild adventures gain energy. Cleverly placed resting areas are therefore a central element of well-designed facilities. Here you come together as a family or group to exchange experiences or to have a little refreshment. Our pavilion is based on an ingenious principle that allows a wide range of variants and adapts perfectly to the local conditions. An important component that should not be missing in any amusement park.


… and much, much more: path edging, water playgrounds, zip lines, hammocks, bird’s nest swings, tube slides, animal platforms …

Whatever you come up with, we have the right product!

Build with us.

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