Team rope course

Reaching the goal together.

In contrast to the climbing forest, the course in a team ropes course is designed in such a way that it can only be conquered in cooperation with other participants. In this way, important social skills are practiced under the eyes of a competent supervisor.

Team rope courses can be set up with different focuses and support different educational concepts and approaches. For example, there are rope courses that have been specially developed for working with children and young people. As the name suggests, the team rope course supports team building by testing the team skills of the participants. Mastering a ropes course together requires cohesion, team spirit and trust, because the other team members are responsible for securing it.

Training in the team rope course is therefore particularly suitable for school classes, clubs or sports teams, but also for groups that work together at work, such as sales teams or project teams. Mastering the course as a team is a positive communal experience that strengthens the feeling of togetherness and togetherness. The participants get to know themselves and others better and benefit from this experience far beyond the day of climbing.

Team plants

Are suitable for:
  • Companies and businesses
  • Schools and classes
  • Youth groups
  • and much more.
  • ate least three trees
  • suitable area
Elements close to the ground
  • Team seesaw
  • Mohawkwalk
  • and more
High elements
  • Jacob's ladder
  • Team bridge
  • Coaching Bridge

Your advantages:

  • Individual conception, adapted to the planned use
  • Many years of experience in the development and construction of team rope courses
  • The highest quality and safety are guaranteed by trained specialists who comply with applicable standards, rules and regulations
  • Cambium stands for tried-and-tested experiential educational systems

Team plants


Your advantages

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    Cambium plans your team rope course with you

    Show that a climbing forest is not only an outstanding leisure attraction, but that it is also ideal for school trips or company events. This is exactly what is possible with the team rope course. The team ropes course is a special course that, in contrast to most tourist climbing forest routes, cannot be conquered alone, but only through consistent teamwork. This requires a special composition of your rope course. We plan and build the team ropes course together with you with different focuses. We pay attention to the guidelines and points of educational concepts and include them as comprehensively as possible in the course.

    Team ropes course is on the rise

    The team rope course has been becoming more and more popular for years and is becoming increasingly popular with educational institutions, but also with companies in various industries. With their special structure, the rope courses promote the cohesion of a group, but also arouse team spirit. Furthermore, they strengthen the trust that employees have in one another, for example. We offer various components for your team ropes course, which we put together for the route in close consultation with you. Wood is our preferred material because it integrates perfectly into the natural environment.

    We develop the right concept for you

    So that you are completely satisfied with your team ropes course and that it is positively received by your target group, we develop an individual concept for you, taking years of experience into account. Only trained specialists are suitable for your team rope course. They know the safety regulations and know which standards must be adhered to during construction. So you can rely on a result that will inspire you across the board. With many projects, Cambium has successfully developed into a competent and trustworthy partner for adventure education systems in recent years. Make use of our experience.