...means trust.

After Cambium GmbH carried out annual inspections for a long time, it is now time to give up responsibility.

The high ropes course standard speaks a clear language regarding the independence of the inspector.
This can only be the case if Cambium was not involved in the development, sales, design or construction of the system.

Current practical experience is essential for a careful annual inspection,
which is why we can recommend Thomas Steck without exception at this point.

Bei allen größeren Umbauten verlangt die Norm eine Abnahme durch ein unabhängiges Prüfinstitut TYP -A, hier arbeiten wir seit Jahren erfolgreich mit Walter Siebert zusammen.

Thomas Steck...

... has decades of experience in maintaining various climbing forests.
... has completed all the necessary specialist training.
... bears the title of IAPA inspector.
.. can award the seal of quality.
... leaves the raised index finger at home and is there to advise you.



Thomas Steck

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