Welcome to Cambium!

For more than 15 years we have been passionately building Interactive nature experiences where they belong: in the forest!
Always with the premise: nature-friendly!
During this time, our expertise and our portfolio has steadily expanded, so we can offer you everything from a single source when itis about tree houses, treewalks, playgrounds, nature adventure trails or ziplines.
All over the world from Germany to New Zealand, from Canada to South Korea….
With Cambium you will find a partner who will accompany you with inventiveness, passion and expertise through the entire project process up to the opening.We support you before construction in the approval process, after construction with the care, maintenance and value retention of the system.
We accompany you in the implementation of your milestones!
These are ours: Milestones

The latest from Us

April 2023

From 19. – 21.04.2023 we were at the Interalpin in Innsbruck and
have successfully presented our product lines.
We are already looking forward to exciting, new projects and the
implementation of treewalks, climbing forests and nature adventure trails.


Opening Glasiusweg, right on our doorstep.
Perfect for Mother’s Day, we were able to complete this wonderful project. It fits that in the glassmaking village where we are located, a market hustle and bustle took place and so the official opening of the Glasiusweg on Mother’s Day could be used by many families for a nice outing. The cities of Leutkirch, Isny and the market Buchenberg are sponsors of the project.
We are MEGA proud!!!


From climbing forest to Zwillewilles robber camp
How nice when customers share the transformation with us.
New look of the Wiesbaden Climbing Forest by Cambium Theming!


Cambium company outing
After the Treewalk in Salem was finally opened, we also took the chance to go to the Affenberg in Salem with the whole team.
Roland Hilgartner took the time to guide us to and over the Treewalk. The passion with which he brings us closer to the project Affenberg with its monkeys and storks and now also the Treewalk can be felt from the first moment. Many thanks, dear Roland, for this exclusive guided tour.
Afterwards we went to the Campus Galli and got some inspiration for our Glasiusweg.


Opening Treewalk Salem

After New Zealand now also in Germany

Roland Hilgartner, primatologist and park director of the Salem Monkey Mountain has fulfilled a dream with our Treewalk. So for him it is a Dream-Walk :-).

What are the advantages of the Treewalk?
It is a low-threshold offer for a broad target group.
There is no need for a PSA or specially trained staff.
With the example in Salem, about 1800 visitors per day are possible with only 1-2 persons staff as supervision and contact person. So a relatively quick ROI!
Will the Treewalk maybe even be the further development of the Kletterwald concept?

A nice video of the Treewalk at the Affenberg Salem with an exciting interview with Roland can be found here!



15 years of Cambium
August 26, 2022 was a historic date for Cambium GmbH. We can now look back on more than 15 years of company history and we celebrated this in a fitting manner.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who celebrated this grandiose event with us and made it what it was: a milestone!

A detailed report was published in the magazine “Oben”. You can find it here!



We also accompany and support our partners during
the assembly our installations.
Here at the dwarf course in Haunold, the project of our long-term partner Kronsafety.
We love good partnerships!

6. April 2022

Design and scenery create moods. The rustic Waldler huts made of Robinia wild wood give the climbing forest Neroberg the appropriate image.

10. Februar 2022

There are milestones and there are projects that go beyond any scope. As a global supplier, it is very attractive to receive an order that is to be realized 200 meters from our front door. If this order also distinguishes us for our innovative ideas and developments in the new product line Theming, then this is not only a milestone, but something like 10 at the same time. Today we have received the order for the realization and conception of the glassmaker’s path from Schmidsfelden to Eisenbach.

04. Februar 2022

Treewalk at Lake Constance, we are pleased about the order commitment and approval of another milestone. For the Affenberg Salem we are building a Treewalk with more than 200m length this spring.
The Treewalk guarantees not only nature but also animal experience.
The Treewalk will run directly through the Barbary ape enclosure.

21. Juli 2021

Next Project is in Production. The first Ziplinetower in Germany, assembly in September.

30. Dezember 2020

Use the winter break to complete a few more projects. After surveying in the forest with the digital theodolite, a 3D forest is created on the computer, so that the customer and our installers later receive a plan with all the details defined as accurately as possible.

3. Dezember 2020

Wonderful, once again ne Parcours Montage, in this case for Freiraum Erlebnis in Kletterwald Heneff.

29. April 2020

Achberg Castle is pleased to announce the installation of two hammocks.

03. März 2020

The #cambium oak goes on its journey. We send over 260 pieces #co2neutral as #future tree to the beautiful #climbing forests and #ropescourses in Germany Austria and Switzerland. #ropescourses #iapa

02. März 2020

Switched to the gardener’s fallow ? Or what is Cambium doing right now?

29. Februar 2020

Traditional Schmidsfelden spark fire, drive away the winter.

28. Februar 2020

New elements the country needs, this time again an indoor project. Next week is already the assembly.

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