The natural treetop walk

The Treewalk is a high-altitude path secured with nets that invites young and old to experience the forest from above without climbing equipment. Thanks to long, stable suspension bridges, which are hung between the trees with a tree-friendly loop technique, the Treewalk offers a unique experience of nature from a bird's eye perspective.

The easy access via stairs enables the whole family to use it:
The toddler who has just learned to walk, the adolescent who forgets his cell phone in his pocket because of the thrill, as well as parents and grandparents who can relax and breathe deeply on an enjoyable walk.
The focus is not on the sporting aspect, but on the shared experience of nature, and that with minimal material consumption. Because the Treewalk is not supported by steel masts or wooden pillars, but by naturally grown trees, which makes it particularly authentic.

Your advantages

  • Can be implemented from a forest size of one hectare with trees from 50 cm in diameter
  • Popular addition to tourism destinations (amusement park, zoo, cable cars, forest adventure trail, ski area or adventure gastronomy)
  • Construction is carried out without concrete foundations and is therefore easier to approve
  • Can be used all year round and regardless of the weather, which is a relatively high
  • Makes possible throughput rate with low staffing requirements
  • Attachment technology that adapts, without drilling or screwing protects the trees
  • a lot of wood ensures a natural appearance
  • a unique selling point for which no major changes in nature or the forest are necessary
  • Low-threshold nature experience regardless of fitness level and age
  • high level of safety thanks to steps made of solid larch wood, which are standard-compliant with fall protection such as railings and nets
  • 360-degree panorama platforms with the tree trunk as a center invite you to look and linger
  • individual widths and a variety of different experience elements possible

Excellent product

Our Treewalk, built in 2015 in the Redwoods (Rotorua) in New Zealand, was recognized by the jury
Awarded the “International Adventure Park Association” (IAPA) as the best project of 2016.

The facility consists of 23 newly developed suspension bridges on living trees, which are extend over a length of 660 m and are installed at a height of 8-10 meters<.;!-- [et_pb_line_break_holder] -->



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    Nature you can touch – the Treewalk makes it possible

    Take children and adults to lofty heights and choose the Treewalk for a destination that is suitable for visitors of different ages. Our carefully put together treetop path is not only suitable for the adult nature lover, but can also be used by small children who have just learned to walk due to its excellent safety. The treetop path is made up of different, secured suspension bridges that lead through the treetops of a forest. The hanging breaks are attached directly to the living trees and promise a wonderful view of nature.

    Our solutions have been awarded

    If you are planning the construction of a treetop path, you are always in good handy with Cambium. In 2015 our company integrated a treewalk in the New Zealand redwoods. In the following year the project was awarded by the IAPA. We not only help you with the planning, but also provide you with all the materials and components you need for your treetop walk. We have various suspension bridges in our range, which allow a flexible combination. This creates a treewalk that makes optimal use of the potential of your space.

    Why is a treetop walk worth it?

    If you are unsure whether a treewalk is the right choice for your site, we will be happy to advise you. There are several reasons in favor of building such a path. With a treetop walk you can count on low material consumption. The investment costs are therefore very limited. Compared to steel masts, mature trees are used as support elements for this special path. We also use the opportunity to use wooden poles. We mount the bridges to the trees so that a path is created that fits perfectly into the natural surroundings.