ZiplineTower: Breathtaking platform for height freaks

The tower
This tower guarantees spectacular views and an adrenaline-charged entry into the zipline, also known as the Flying Fox. The solitary design, based on large individual trees, also makes the tall attraction a visual highlight. The durable steel construction offers visitors a safe ascent with side protection nets. The roofing keeps the steps dry in damp weather and rain and offers protection from the sun in summer. Thanks to the modular design, the height of the ZiplineTower is scalable and the tower can be put up in the shortest possible time.

The zipline
The zip line installed at the tower ensures an unforgettable experience, with which we can travel distances of up to 1,000 meters. Depending on the incline and length of the steel cable, speeds between 30 km / h and 80 km / h can be achieved. And of course, safe, risk-free braking is also ensured.

Your advantages

  • robust, durable steel construction in an attractive solitary design
  • Different heights possible and freely scalable between 5 and 25 meters, depending on the local conditions
  • weather-protected access and a roof to keep you dry
  • Platform with a diameter of 3.50 meters and a load capacity of up to 15 people
  • up to 1km in length for journeys of up to 80 km per hour
  • short installation time thanks to the innovative modular system

Zipline Tower...

  • guaranteed spectacular views
  • adrenaline-charged entry into the zip line
  • tall attraction as a visual highlight
  • durable steel construction
  • Secured by protective side nets
  • dry steps and sun protection in summer
  • easily scalable in height
  • modular design with a relatively short assembly time
Mega-Attraktion in Südkorea Mega attraction in South Korea's affinity for theme parks and ziplines is legendary in the industry. That is why our largest zipline towers are located in three leisure facilities on the Asian peninsula, where they inspire several hundred thousand visitors year after year.



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