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A climbing forest is a high ropes course that is built in an existing, natural forest and is mostly used for tourism. The attraction of these facilities, also known as forest ropes courses, adventure parks or high ropes parks, lies in the fact that visitors can climb up into the treetops on their climbing tour. Climbing in the fresh air, accompanied by the rustling of leaves and the twittering of birds, is a natural experience for all the senses.

Depending on the level of difficulty, it is important to negotiate the course, balancing or swinging. Slow forward feeling requires dexterity, but climbing up takes courage. After taking a deep breath on a plateau by the tree, the focus is on having fun while speeding through the air. On their way through the climbing forest, visitors not only overcome obstacles, but also their own limits, which allow them to surpass themselves. Climbing forests offer an entertaining, natural outdoor experience for all age groups.

A variant is the partner course, which can only be mastered in a team of two. To do this, the two climbers have to work together as a team and support each other - an exciting tour that has already put many partnerships to the test.

Our children's courses are specially adapted to the needs of your little guests. There they can climb, shimmy and zip line like the grown-ups. However, the height is only 1.50 m, so that the course can be climbed without a safety system.

  • Climbing forest
  • After a briefing on the material and the securing, the guest can move freely in the trees. Using the tree as a break, nature shows what it has to offer.

  • Zipline course
  • A fast ride through the forest. The specially developed zipline curve (Fox corner) enables the surprising moment to zip a corner in the forest.

  • Partner course

  • Going through life together as a couple is put to the test in the partner course. The mastering of the elements is only possible if you work together, support each other and are there for each other.

  • Children's course
  • Climbing, hanging around, riding a zip line ... just like the grown-ups at heights. This is made possible by the course, which is mounted at a height of 1.50 m and can be climbed with and without a safety system.

Your advantages:

  • Interesting additional offer for tourism, forest education and adventure education
  • Manageable investment size that can be designed flexibly
  • low fixed costs compared to other leisure facilities
  • high charisma in the region and beyond
  • Location marketing, image-boosting figurehead for ecology, sustainability and nature conservation
  • Tree-protecting attachment technology with a unique concept for attaching steel cables and platforms
  • Forest-friendly construction without heavy construction machinery or lifting platforms protects the living forest and its inhabitants
  • Magnet for different objectives and user groups such as families, school classes, adult education, companies, company outings, team events
  • high attractiveness for all age groups, which can be maintained in the long term through uncomplicated conversions or extensions

Climbing forest


Your advantages

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    Diverse course components for a demanding climbing park

    If you are planning the design of a climbing forest or are you flirting with a climbing course, you’ve come to the right place. We offer you various course components with which you can easily assemble and design your climbing forest. The course components we offer are robust, ideally suited for heavy use and meet all safety-relevant properties. In addition to individual components, we also have a selection of construction kits on offer that combine various climbing offers.

    Demanding and resilient right from the start

    The course components we offer are manufactured to a high standard and can withstand high loads. You can choose from various ascents and descents with which you can easily reach the desired height. We also have a selection of zoo line elements on offer. Our climbing elements are elaborately designed. Since we offer this as an element kit, quick and easy assembly is guaranteed. Our island element kits are available, for example, for a tree spacing of 8 meters. The tilting boards are not only ideally suited for installation at lofty heights, but also promise a maximum of variety in use.

    Combine our kits flexibly with one another

    Our course components, like the individual kits, can be flexibly combined with one another. This allows you to combine different climbing elements on a manageable area. Thanks to the selected individual parts, you can also quickly replace worn parts. The repair costs remain at a low level here. In the construction kits, we combine course components made of different materials. You can rely on components made of wood and metal here. The selection in our online shop is supplemented by Safeglider elements, which you can also order as course components. We rely on the speedy processing of your order so that you receive your course components quickly.