Adventure parc

An adventure parc is a high ropes course that is built in an existing, natural forest and is mostly used for tourism. The appeal of these facilities, also known as forest ropes courses, adventure parks, climbing gardens or high ropes parks, is that visitors can climb up into the treetops at dizzy heights. Climbing in the fresh air, accompanied by the rustling of leaves and the chirping of birds, is a nature experience for all the senses. Depending on the level of difficulty, the challenge is to overcome the course by balancing or swinging.

A guest climbs an element in a climbing forest
Some guests climb on different elements in a climbing forest.

Skill is required for slowly groping forward, climbing up requires courage. After taking a deep breath on a plateau on the tree, the focus is on having fun while rushing through the air. On their way through the adventure parc, visitors not only overcome obstacles, but also their own limits, which allow them to surpass themselves. Adventure parcs offer an entertaining, natural outdoor experience for all age groups.

The adventure parc as a variant:
Zipline parcour: Fast-paced ride over several ziplines through the forest.
Partner parcour: Going through life together as a couple is put to the test.
Children’s course: Climbing, hand-hanging, riding the cable car. Just like the big ones.


  • Interesting additional offer for tourism, forest education and adventure education
  • high regional and national appeal
  • a flagship for sustainability and nature conservation
  • Tree-friendly attachment technique
  • Construction without heavy construction machines or lifting platforms protects the living forest and its inhabitants
  • Magnet for various objectives and user groups such as families, school classes, adult education, companies, company outings, team events
  • High attractiveness for all age groups, which can be maintained in the long term through uncomplicated conversions or extensions
Two guests stand on a large platform at the start of a course in the climbing forest

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