Our innovative and modular tree house concept! 

Get out of stress, up to the tree! In our modular tree house concept, consisting of “lounge”, “muschel” and “cocoon”, your guests can sleep under the stars and experience the awakening of nature at sunrise! 

This makes it the ideal supplement for nature-oriented hotels, wellness resorts and alpine accommodation establishments. The individual modules can also be ideally combined with our climbing forest and tree walk concept! 

The core of the concept is the lounge! 

The lounge, which is open on all sides, offers a wide range of possible uses. Hammocks and beanbags turn them into outdoor meeting rooms or chill-out lounges. As a terrace, it invites you to a romantic dinner for two – there are no limits to your imagination. Combined with a shell or cocoon, the green living room becomes a cozy home in the tree. 

Two guests look over the railing of a lounge
Erlebnest Coccoon

The cocoon 

Completely hanging freely and without a permanently installed entrance, this unusual tree house offers maximum freedom in the forest. Designed based on the model of a butterfly cocoon, the Cocoon is an intimate place that offers security for people who are looking for closeness to nature. With its soft shape and natural colors, the construction blends visually with its surroundings and offers space for two people. If it rains or winds up, the tarpaulin roof can be closed in just a few simple steps. Entry is via the lounge or another platform. In the climbing forest or rope garden, the Cocoon is used as an additional option for evening and night-time use. Hotels and event gastronomy use it as an additional room in the countryside. 

The demand for overnight stays in the great outdoors is great! 

The muschel 

Seemingly weightless, the tree bed shell floats between the trees. It is the ideal outdoor sleeping space for stressed relaxation seekers, nature lovers and purists. The shell is open at the top and gives a view of the stars. A mosquito net provides the necessary protection against uninvited guests and can be transformed into a tight roof with the help of a tarpaulin when it rains. The shell, which is hung on two horizontal steel cables in a tree-friendly design, is accessed via the ladder and access hatch. The shell is used alone as an original place to sleep, but also as an element in the climbing forest course or as an individual place to sleep in the home garden. The puristic construction leaves plenty of scope for personal wishes and ideas. 

Our ErlebNest has even been awarded with a design prize! 

Two guests enjoy the sun in the sleeping compartment of an ErlebNest.

Unser ErlebNest ist sogar mit einem Design Preis ausgezeichnet worden!

Das sagen unsere Kunden: 

Roland Hilgartner – Affenberg Salem:

“Mit dem Treewalk habe ich mir einen großen Wunsch erfüllt. 1800 Gäste können wir täglich über den Treewalk lassen, mit geringem Personalaufwand.”

Schau doch auch gerne bei dem von uns in Neuseeland gebauten Treewalk vorbei.
Unglaublich, was der Kunde daraus gemacht hat: https://www.treewalk.co.nz/ 

Beautifully staged and perfectly staged with an individual theming concept:

Entrance to a theme station in the forest

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