team ropes course

In contrast to the climbing forest, the course in a team ropes course is designed in such a way that it can only be mastered in cooperation with other participants. In this way, important social skills are practiced under the supervision of a trainer. Team rope courses can be set up with different focuses and support different pedagogical concepts and approaches. Mastering a ropes course together requires cohesion, team spirit and trust, because the other team members are responsible for securing you. Training on the team course, as it is also called, is therefore particularly suitable for school classes, clubs or sports teams, but also for groups who work together at work. Mastering the course as a team is a positive community experience that promotes a sense of togetherness and togetherness strengthens. The participants get to know each other better and benefit from this experience far beyond the day of climbing.

Team course at an outdoor fattening facility
A participant climbs on a Pamper Pole in a team course

Team ropes course is booming
The team ropes course has become more and more popular over the years and is becoming increasingly popular with educational institutions, but also with companies in various sectors. We offer various components for your team ropes course, which we put together for the route in close consultation with you. Wood is our preferred material because it blends in perfectly with the natural environment.


  • Individual conception to the purpose of use
  • Possible from three trees (or with SecondTree).
  • Large selection of possible modules
Several participants help each other with a task in a team course

That’s what our customer says:

In April 2023 we expanded our adventure parcours on Monte Kaolino with an additional team course.

Now we are able to offer our customers a new program since May.

The response so possitive. With this team course we have now a very exciting and new experience for our guests. The groups were all really excited. We already have numerous bookings for the next few weeks.

Planning, construction and completion were carried out by our long-standing partner, Cambium GmbH.

As with our previous projects, we are again completely satisfied. Kudos to the whole team, competent, experienced, reliable and super nice. We are already looking forward to future new projects.

Sunny greetings from Monte Kaolino, Hirschau

Manfred Prösl
Management of the forest high ropes course
Amusement Park Monte Kaolino Ltd

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