Diseased trees are usually replaced with poles on concrete foundations, which can be difficult in inaccessible locations.
We replace the tree roots with screw foundations and ground anchors and fulfill their supporting function.
The steel girder and mast are fixed and tensioned to ground anchors with three cables.
No large machines are required for assembly, which protects the environment and nature.
SecondTree can also replace missing trees in the planning phase, which makes the design of the system more flexible.

Instruction course in a climbing forest with a SecondTree as a flexible tree substitute
Drawing of a platform on a SecondTree

The advantages:
• Fast installation time without hardening of the concrete and coordination of different trades.
• Tree-friendly installation even in difficult terrain without large machines and cutting off the roots.
• No permanent construction load, all components can be dismantled again without an excavator, making approval easier and faster.
• Significant reduction of CO2 emissions


  • ground class must be suitable, only rocky or swampy ground is not suitable
  • enough space for anchoring with ground anchors

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