Playgrounds and children's courses

Children love to climb trees. That is why we build playgrounds and courses in the style of rope gardens, where children from three years of age can have fun and young people can train their skills. The special thing about a forest playground is that the play equipment is hanging between the trees like in a climbing forest. However, the distance to the floor is so small that the children do not have to be secured. At first glance, the individual stations seem easy to master. But if you leave the platform on the tree and venture out onto floating posts or step boards hanging on chains, you will quickly notice that the impression is deceptive. The wobbly elements challenge the sense of balance and promote body awareness and coordination in a playful way.

For the sake of nature ...

Since we mainly use wood as a building material, our products blend in with the natural surroundings of the forest. Our unique loop technology enables the play equipment to be attached to the trees without screws.

Playgrounds and courses ...
  • are suitable for younger and older children
  • offer climbing and nature experience at the same time
  • can be used all year round.
Requirements for playgrounds and courses
  • Area close to nature, ideally with trees
  • Trees from 30 cm in diameter

Your advantages

  • the building material wood seamlessly integrates your adventure playground or low rope course into the natural surroundings
  • The unique loop technology enables the playground equipment to be attached to the trees without screws
  • Thanks to the attachment technology that grows with the tree, our courses are particularly low-maintenance and tree-friendly
  • Our climbing systems are made of weather-resistant wood from larch and robinia and can therefore be used all year round
  • The knowledge gained from existing facilities is constantly incorporated into the development and design of new climbing parks and playgrounds
  • Can be implemented on any near-natural area with trees from around 30 cm trunk diameter



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    Forest playground: make the forest something special

    Most children feel completely at ease in the forest. The tranquility, the many opportunities for discovery and the shady trees create ideal conditions for playing and romping around. At Cambium you will find numerous play equipment and play ideas that you can use to design a varied playground. Our offer is the right choice for a forest playground, but is also available to you for setting up and designing a rope garden with a course. We remain true to the charm of the forest and mainly use local woods such as larch and robinia for our playground equipment. As a result, the offers fit perfectly into the natural environment.

    Here the little ones are the biggest

    The little ones are the biggest in our playground. We design a climbing course in which the children are optionally secured without a safety system, with nets or even belts and ropes and thereby prove their skills Trees hung. So that they can be used safely, we ensure compliance with the playground standard EN 1176 and prepare everything for the TÜV approval.

    Challenges provide variety

    The playground equipment is arranged in the forest in such a way that it initially looks as if it is easy to conquer. However, the children quickly notice the special requirements that the running boards and floating posts bring with them. The forest playground provides new, exciting impressions during the game. At the same time, this special type of playground promotes children’s motor skills and a sense of balance. The extraordinary facilities train body awareness and gradually improve coordination. We plan and design the forest playground in different sizes for you. This means that the facility can be visited not only by individual children, but also by groups of different sizes.