Kids course and playgrounds

Children love to climb trees. That’s why we build playgrounds and courses in the style of rope gardens, where children from the age of three can have fun and young people can train their skills.
The special thing about a forest playground is that the play equipment is mounted between the trees like in a climbing forest. However, the distance to the ground is so small that the children do not have to be secured. At first glance, the individual stations seem easy to master. But if you leave the platform on the tree and venture out onto floating posts or running boards hanging from chains, you’ll quickly realize that the impression is deceptive. The wobbly elements challenge the sense of balance and promote body awareness and coordination in a playful way.

Children walk on a bridge in a forest playground
A children's course in the style of a climbing forest as a forest playground

Since we mainly use wood as a building material, our products blend in visually with the natural environment of the forest. Our unique sling technology makes it possible to attach the playground equipment to the trees without screws.

Playgrounds and parcours

  • are suitable for younger and older children
  • offer climbing and nature experiences at the same time
  • can be used all year round
  • Requirements for kids cours and playgrounds
  • Near-natural area, ideally with trees
  • Trees from 30 cm in diameter

The kids course is the perfect addition to the climbing forest or high ropes course.
As a playground as a supplement to gastronomy and therefore more than just a slide and sandpit!


  • Individual design of the course with or without a safety system possible.
  • Addition to the existing infrastructure
  • if no safety system is used, no staff is required.
  • Compliance with the playground standard EN 1176 and thus nothing stands in the way of TÜV approval before first use!
Children sitting in the net of a climbing element

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